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FaltyDL – Uncea (Bitten By The Black Dog) Free Download

FaltyDL Uncea

We’ve just found this on one of our hard drives, a remix we did for FaltyDL‘s track Uncea, Drew said it was fine to give it away, so here it is, help yourself.

Radio Dogma #16


Back once again with the best of the new release and a classic from the vaults.

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma #16
Featured Artist – BMG & Derek Plaslaiko

01. Dusky – Expectations – 17 Steps
02. 30drop – The Journey – 30drop Records
03. DNGLS – Hellris (Xhin Remix) – Anemone Recordings
04. Leghau – Karma – Abstract Animal
05. Regis – Blood Witness (extended) – Downwards
06. Lou Reed – Walk on The Wild Side
07. BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – The True Story of a Detroit Groove – Interdimensional Transmissions
08. BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – Your Mind is Mine – Interdimensional Transmissions
09. Roots Panorama — Mars (Ripperton Version) – Character
10. Huxley – Tendered Mess – AUS
11. Black Light Smoke – Screws My Head – Scissor & Thread

Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 01 – Out Now


Available now at

The Black Dog – Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 01


The Black Dog’s “Sound of Sheffield” is the first of four EP’s aimed straight at the dance floor, using the sounds of the city to echo Sheffield’s heritage in creating electronic music. These tracks have been fully road tested, built to bring people to the front and forcing them to lose it with abandonment.

Celebrating 25 years of existence, The Black Dog have never lost sight of the dance floor and the pleasure of just being somewhere different entertaining an enthusiastic crowd. After all these years they still take great enjoyment from doing this. In this world of increasing individual invasion, it’s even more crucial to appreciate this space that we still seemingly have to ourselves.

Here’s to the next 25 years

The Black Dog / Happa Scan 9 From SoYo™ / Red Place (Bleep)


Time for a new single release from us and this time on a joint release with Happa as part of ‘The Green Series’ 12″s from Warp and

This is very limited edition vinyl which comes in a very tasty package from design collective GiveUpArt and photographer Shaun Bloodworth. Each copy will be presented in a beautifully presented deluxe art package.

Samples, full details and order information are available now exclusively at