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The Temple Of Transparent Balls Album

Temple Of Transparent BallsThis is being remastered and getting ready to be re-released on Soma in November, we are busy talking about which tracks to pull off the album for a 12″ release to support the album, more news to follow…

New Album: Radio Scarecrow


We started mixing down the new album on Monday when this happened !!!!,

kinda ironic that we were working on the 12 minute version of Floods v2.

The office block where the studio is housed was flooded out on the first floor and we lost our cars to the stinky water :(. So, there going to be a bit of a delay but on the upside all the equipment is fine and we have over 25 full tracks to mix down over the next month or so.

Book Of Dogma Released On Soma

Book Of DogmaIt took us a while to sort but it’s finally here, the remastered versions of early releases on GPR collected together for the first time. Check out the sound samples here and help to keep us in tea and cigs here

New 12″ – Floods v2

Flooded StudioAs you probably know version 1 was released on this CD Comp on Dust Science, we are just putting the finishing touches to the 12 minute version and waiting for a remix from The Bass Soldier before the release will be ready. The mighty Surgeon has already completed his remix, which has been going down really well at gigs. More news to follow…