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The Black Dog – Charts For July 2008

1. Bounce – Mark Broom – 2020 Vision
2. One Touch – Robert Hood – Axis
3. Train By The Autobahn (DJ Mix – Robert Hood) – The Black Dog – Soma
4. Let Me Go – Heaven 17 – Virgin
5. 90101-51-1 – Autechre – Warp
6. Resistance – Clock DVA – CDR
7. 909it – DNCN – CDR
8. Joe 90 – Claude Young & Ian O’Brien – !K7
9. Sermon – Anthony Shakir – Sublime Records
10. All The Pretty Little Horses – Coil – Threshold House

The Black Dog – T In The Park – Azure Remix

This is a remix we are working on for Slam, the track is called Azure and?this is?the first time we’ve played it out – Slam still haven’t heard it cos it’s not finished yet.

Interview With EQtv

This is an interview we did with our friends in Glasgow from EQtv, well worth bookmarking and supporting these guys. They?work tirelessly and everytime we’ve visited Glasgow over the last 2yrs they are always there,?busy filming and interviewing everyone they can, supporting the scene – props due.

Check EQtv out here CLICK

The Black Dog @ L.E.V. Festival (Gij?n)



Yes the bass was that loud.

Archive – Eternity Interview 1996

[Eternity]: After deciphering a crazed message on my answering machine from Mr Mark EG I deduced that my mission was to interview a legend of the Techno underworld for Eternity.? Interviews are funny things, you never quite know what to expect and when the subject of your interrogation is Ken Downie, a.k.a. The Black Dog, you’re certainly ready for anything.?

The Black Dog is one of the most colourful characters you could hope to find within the murky depths of the underground scene.? His background and beliefs are as rich and unique as his mind-blowing brand of progressive ambience.? Ken Downie, the founder member and “genuine discordian pope” has gone from strawberry picker, to sailor, to computer hacker, to renowned music maker.? Although he is often regarded as a true cyberpunk artist, he describes himself as “just a scruffy sod, with a few modems and computers” and regards The Black Dog as a flexible creative vehicle “in a multimedian sort of way”.

The Black Dog – Remixes and Remixed – DJ Set

This is an hour long set we did at an afterparty after a gig, it mainly focuses on tracks we’ve remixed or had remixed for us.

1. Bozzwell – The Woods (In The Woods Mix By The Black Dog) – Society
2. The Black Dog – D.O.G. Style (The Black Dog’s Late Night Porn Mix) – Dust Science
3. The Black Dog – Alt/Dash/Return/Kill (Remixed by Derailleur) – Dust Science
4. Orlando Voorn – Alice (The Black Dog Mix) – cynet:media
5. Vector Lovers – Hush (Bitten By The Black Dog) – Soma Quality Recordings
6. Claude Young – Electronic Dissident 2 (Bitten Hard by The Black Dog) – Dust Science
7. UB313 – Q (The Black Dog Bitez Down On Beatz And Bleepz Mixx) – Fortune8
8. Rubens – Breaking Into Smile (Dog Style Remix) – Herb Recordings
9. Derailleur – Cognate (Bitten Deep By The Black Dog) – Varial
10. The Black Dog – Alt/Dash/Return/Kill (Live at Fuse, Belgium, 2007) – Dust Science
11. The Black Dog – Machine Machina (Remixed by Vector Lovers) – Dust Science
12. The Black Dog – Evoke (Carl Taylor Remix) – Dust Science
13. Bozzwell – The Woods (In The Woods Mix By The Black Dog) – Society