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The Black Dog – Further Vexations Movie

The Black Dog – Further Vexations

This is a short movie we made with to promote our album and further investigate working with visual artists.

The Black Dog: One Hour With The Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia

pwogThee story ov how we know P.W.O.G is so long it would take an entire blog to explain, so we’ll save all that for another day and just present the mix.

P.W.O.G went from Noise to House and we loved them for it. Love and respect to all the guys, we miss you. Buy everything you can find.

01. PWOG – Sheap (The Black Dog’s SUFC Re-edit)
02. PWOG – New Edge Mantra (The Black Dog’s Sit The Fuck Down Croydon, We’ll Bring It Re-edit)
03. PWOG – A Kind of Ambience (The Black Dog’s Stations OV Re-edit)
04. PWOG – The Tides (They Turn)
**. Fragments from- True
05. PWOG – Dust (At The Crossroads) (The Black Dog’s Pat/Alan Re-edit)
06. PWOG – Exit 23 (The Black Dog’s Silencer Re-edit)
07. PWOG – Exit (The Black Dog’s Tim Was A Hippy Re-edit)
08. PWOG – Obsidian
09. PWOG – Ensnared
10. PWOG – Meaned
11. PWOG – Push
12. PWOG – Pull
13. PWOG – Break Shifted
**. Fragments from SA Track 1

The Black Dog – Further Vexations – Released 27/04/09


Further Vexations is our artistic response to 21st century rat on your neighbour smokefree Britain. It is an attempt to capture and express our emotional frustrations, and the trials and tribulations of living in an un-democratic surveillance society. The seeds of nihilist despair and apathy are well and truly sown amongst the citizens of Airstrip One. We’ve helplessly watched with mounting horror, while the government trashed the country, signed away its sovereignty to Brussels (with a flourish of a specially minted silver pen), sold off precious national industries and assets at next to bargain basement prices, and indulged itself with two utterly pointless wars which it couldn’t afford. We were promised a vote. A referendum. A chance to change things but an unelected politician chancellor man decided not to bother. To say we are pissed off about it, would be an understatement.

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Purchase Further Vexations on CD or Triple 180gram Vinyl – First 100 orders from Duststore come with:

The Black Dog Live At Bozar 21/03/09 CDr. SOLD OUT

This is an exclusive 1hr live ambient set and will never be released commercially or as a free download.
Mastered By The Black Dog. Each copy signed by a member of The Black Dog. Each copy hand numbered.

Limited Triple 180gram Vinyl Edition SOLD OUT

The Triple Vinyl version is something special, pre-mastered at Dogma Towers, Mastered and Cut By Simon Francis and pressed on 180gram vinyl. Sleeve artwork from the fantastic Dust, hand screen printed, hand numbered and limited to 500 copies.

Please note that the album does NOT ship until 27/04/09 but demand will be high so we advise you get your order in sharpish.

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Ov Mind, Ov Magick, The Black Dog Live At BEMF, Bozar CDr

dva_bozar_240We’ve just finished mastering the live recording from BEMF, Bozar and we’re pretty pleased with the results. We’ve only had to edit out two pieces of music out to ensure it fits on a CDr, the total runtime is 73 minutes.

We’ve also ended up making up 110 units as we forgot to turn off the special offer on our website and a few more people put orders in, so rather than disappoint we’ve add 10 more units to the original 100, we hope you lot don’t mind.

Many thanks to all the people that mailed in offering money, kit and their wife’s/girlfriend’s to try and get a copy but we’ll have to turn you down, sorry. Many thanks to all those who have supported us live and purchased things from Duststore, it really does help us pay the rent and continue to spend our time making music rather than doing something we’d rather not.

BEMF, Bozar Tracklist:

1. Ov Mind
2. Kissing Someone Elses D.O.G
3. Bolt 33 Glitch & Chin
4. Biomantric L-if-E
5. Mental Ward Sleep Machine (Beatless Version)
6. 4 3s 555 [Part 2]
7. Beep
8. Witches Ov
9. Lam Vril
10. Stempel (Edit)
11. Ov Magick (unreleased)
12. They Came In The Night (unreleased)
13. Later Vexations (Fragments)
14. Skin Clock
15. Tunnels Ov Set
16. Dada Mindstab
17. Siiiipher (Reworked From Bass Soldier Forgemaster Remix)
18. Short Wave Lies
19. We Are Haunted
20. CCTV Nation

Drumhead/Sean Bean

smile_newjpgWe’re back in the studio writing a piece of music for a short film by London filmmaker Alan Coltman featuring the voice of Sheffield’s favourite son Sean Bean. The film is called Drumhead and will debut at the London Independent Film Festival on the 23rd April.
The poem that Sean’s reading is called Strange Meeting and was written in 1918 by Wilfred Owen, who died a few days before the war end at Sambre.

The Black Dog + Olga Mink Live @BEMF, Bozar, 2009

Track: Northern Electronic Soul [Part 3] Taken From Further Vexations
Footage: Moodio and Dimitri Pike
Super 8mm to HD by Jenneke van Bakel