07. X353 Sheffield vs Downwards via Ealing

Something’s just leave a mark for ever, Cabaret Voltaire in 1978 was one of them. For the first time in our early listening days it was difficult to understand how the sound was being made. It was just so different, it meant something and it still does.

Here we collect some of our early favourites along with cuts from the Downwards label run by our friend Karl. We’ve also included a couple of new cuts from Raudive (Oliver Ho) that just happened to land at the same time as the mix was being made. Enjoy.

01. Automotivation 2 – Cabaret Voltaire – Sheffield
02. Birth – Raudive – Ealing
03. It Slipped Her Mind – Sandra Electronics – Downwards
04. Victims – Tropic Of Cancer – Downwards
05. Revox Love – Machinagraph – Sheffield
06. TV AD – Machinagraph – Sheffield
07. Do The Mussolini (Head Kick) – Cabaret Voltaire – Sheffield
08. The Set Up – Cabaret Voltaire – Sheffield
09. Entrance (Machinagraph Edit) – Raudive – Ealing
10. Chemistry (Machinagraph Edit) – Antonym – Downwards
11. Spread The Virus – Cabaret Voltaire – Sheffield
12. New Girls Neutron – Vice Versa – Sheffield
13. Being Boiled – Human League – Sheffield

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