Bonus Mix: Drifting Ambient Mix May 2010

It’s not often we get asked to play or make ambient sets (Soma asked), in all the clubs we visited over the last 3 years we haven’t seen a single chill out room! It’s a shame they’ve dissapeared because there’s some great music out there that’s not getting the audience it deserves. This mix is to support Music For Real Airports and to show just how wide the spectrum of techno is, we make techno, it’s the only name we need. Enjoy.

01. Hands Swollen With Grace – Dakota Suite
02. Music for Falling from Trees, Pt. 4 – The Dream – Peter Broderick
03. Business Car Park 5 – The Black Dog
04. Flutful – Cluster
05. Unprepared Piano – Coil
06. Palimpsest I – Tim Hecker
07. Piano Aquieu – Stars Of The Lid
08. FallingStars – Variant
09. Glass Ceiling – Fennesz
10. Maalstroom – Matthew Florianz
11. Untitled – Aphex Twin
12. The Kindness In Letting Go – Rameses III
13. Subconscious Worlds – Pete Namlook
14. Pattern 4 – Moritz Von Oswald Trio
15. Lounge – The Black Dog
16. Half Speed Love – Nathan Larson

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