New Black Dog T-Shirts

UPDATE – Pre-orders have now closed and the t-shirts are being manufactured. All orders should be dispatched mid July.

It’s been two years since we last did a run of T-Shirts so we thought it was time to do another special limited run.

We’ve always used a small “Mom & Pop” place to do our shirts, the same place we’ve been using for many years and while they may not be the fastest set up, the quality is outstanding plus we always do what we can to support small business here in Sheffield, it’s important to us.

So here’s how it works – we’ll be taking orders until the 30/06/10. After this date we’ll stop taking orders the sales and then it will take 2 weeks for the T-shirts to be printed, packed and shipped. Proper old school.

We’ll only print the number of shirts actually ordered and then we’ll destroy the screens. We won’t be doing a second run.

Sizes available are:
SMALL 35″-37″
MEDIUM 38″-40″
LARGE 41″-43″

All shirts are the highest quality premium Fruit Of The Loop designs.