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Radio Dogma #24


More of the best techno, house and strange that we’ve been listening to, if we selected it, you need to hear it.

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma #24
Featured Artist: Adam X

01. Nepz – Layala (Santiago Salazar Remix) – Motech
02. Noah Pred – 7939 (Alessio Mereu reVision One) – Biotop
03. He/aT – Helping The Police With Their Enquires – He/aT
04. Headless Ghost – Let’s Fall – Tamed Musiq
05. Mugwump & DC Salas – Giallo – Sub Field
06. Adam X – Binary Possession – Sonic Groove (from the album Irreformable)
07. Adam X – In A Race Against Time – Sonic Groove
08. Scott Walker & Sunn O)))) – Brando – 4AD
09. Deft – Promise Me – Project: Mooncircle
10. Synkro – Contact – Apollo
11. Untold – That Horn Track – Bleep
12. The Slits – In The Beginning, There Was Rhythm – Y Records

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[dustv043] Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 04

Sound of Sheffield Vol. 04

Vol. 04 of The Black Dog’s Sound Of Sheffield closes the series with 3 blistering tracks for the floor and the head.

Developed deep inside their sound lab in South Yorkshire, using dark grooves and found sounds from around the city, this leaves you in no doubt what their current position is.

The strangely titled Cathedral Sex lulls you into a false sense of security before boxing your ears good and proper, one for Berghain we believe. Havelock Circle pounds home a modal bassline and rhythmic patterns you can just lose yourself in. The Fabric version of Havelock Circle was a great night, the crowd where really up for it and the lighting man had the face on because they’d told him to turn all the lights off!

A fine way to close the series.

Pre-Order Now At:

Radio Dogma #23

Radio Dogma 23

The latest picks from the hottest new releases, some classic Richard H Kirk. This show is dedicated to Mark Bell, you made a difference fella, thank you.

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma #23 15/10/2014
Featured Artist: Richard H Kirk

01. LFO – LFO – Warp
02. David Meiser – Rise Of The Machine – Physical Records
03. HDN – Graveyard Shift – The Public Stand
04. Vohkinne – Creole Rhythm (Tripeo Remix) – Atrophic Society
05. UVB – Mixtion – Mord
06. Rodhad – Haumea (Phase Satelitte Mix)- Token
07. Syloema The Vinse – Caraoke – Constant State
08. Rema Rema – Why Ask Why – Werk Tape
09. Servent – Rotational – Downstream Records
10. Richard H Kirk – Magic Words Command – Minimal Wave
11. Richard H Kirk – Never Lose Your Shadow – Minimal Wave
12. Kamikaze Space Programme – The Baliff – Mote Evolver

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