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Conspiracy Tapes 004 Morgellons

For many Morgellons is a disease of the delusional where the sufferer has parasites and alien technology living inside their body.

Conspiracy Tapes 003 Brian Harvey E17 T.I

This is a very difficult listen, Brian like most Targeted Individuals doesn’t trust anyone and believes he’s being targeted by everyone and has been trapped in his house for 5yrs. He’s angry, confused and concerned for his own well being. After 2yrs down the rabbit hole even we are questioning why the Police decided to knock on his door at 4.45am. He believes he is a targeted individual and openly admits this whole thing is making him ill. We wish him all the best and hope that he comes out the other side.

Conspiracy Tapes 002 Christian Science

The second of our “Conspiracy Tapes” focuses on the world where scientific views are blurred with religion. Presented here as a continuous one-hour ambient piece, recorded live.

Conspiracy Tapes 001 Flat Earth

This is the first of our “Conspiracy Tapes”, each comprising of a continuous one-hour ambient piece, recorded live while listening to conspiracy theorist discuss their versions of reality.

“001” focuses on the surreal “Flat Earth” movement, following their diverse theories discussed in many corners of the internet every single day.

Hoaxer Mix

Hoaxer Mix
01. The Black Dog – Our Kes – Dust Science
02. The Black Dog – Technological Utopians (Beatless Future RMX) – Dust Science
03. The Black Dog – Cognitive Dissident – Dust Science
04. The Black Dog – Tell Me What You Remember (Variation RMX) – Dust Science
05. The Black Dog – Literal Optical Slant – Dust Science
06. The Black Dog – We Must Repeat (Fake News RMX) – Dust Science
07. The Black Dog – MK Future (Reds RMX) – Dust Science
08. The Black Dog – Something Under My Skin Again – Dust Science
09. The Black Dog – Seance Of Entitlement (Mystic Meg RMX) – Dust Science
10. The Black Dog – Cognitive Dissonance (RMX by Slit) – Dust Science
11. The Black Dog – Who He Was (FE RMX) – Dust Science
12. The Black Dog – We Must Repeat (Kicker RMX) – Dust Science
13. The Black Dog – Cognitive Dissonance (Extended Anthony Liely Mix) – Dust Science
14. The Black Dog – Technological Utopians (Targeted Individual RMX) – Dust Science

The Black Dog – Proof Of Radius Mix

01. Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Same Script, No Solution – Voidance Records
02. Plaster – The Climbers – Kvitnu
03. The Black Dog – Bye Thee Bye – Dust Science
04. Andrejko & Subjected – BonnyDOS – Subjected Systems
05. Monoloc – Thrive – Unterland
06. The Black Dog – Solipsism – Dust Science
07. Luigi Tozzi – Esperide – Outis Music
08. Yello – Bostich (DJ Hell Remix) – International Deejay Gigolo
09. Murat Uncuoglu & Alican – Private_Language – Raving Society
10. worriedaboutsatan – They Are In Our House Now – This Is It Forever
11. Rasmus Hedlund – Bas Emfas – Ljudverket
12. Monoloc – Falling Stars – Unterland
13. Dustmite – Tracing – Supervoid Records
14. The Black Dog – Who He Was (FE RMX) – Dust Science
15. Locked Groove – Zillion – Locked Groove Records
16. Ekserd – Lucid – Ressort Imprint