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Floods Single Of The Month – DJ Mag

Single of The Month

Nice little surprise for us this morning in the post, we’re not really sure what “Electro/Disco-Punk” is but we’ll give anything a try twice!!! Cheers DJ Mag.

Click on the image to see the full size version of the review.

We also get a mention in 2007’s Players Of The Year, we are back from the dead apparently but nice to get some props for work old and new. Click here to read the little mention.

And to round it all off, here’s a load of cuttings from things we’ve been involved in one way or another – Click.

tBd Interview With Reverb

Reverb MagazineJust like the buses in Sheffield, tBd interview in this month Reverb magazine. Check the online version here:Reverb InterviewCan’t believe that 3 good looking lads like us didn’t get the front cover 🙂

Reverb Interview

Interview With Skrufff

Floods[Skrufff] Starting with the reissue of Temple Of Transparent Balls: why have you decided to re-release it (and why now in particular?)

[Martin] We decided to put the entire back catalogue in order and out of the hands of people who’ve never paid the band for these releases. All the old contracts had run their course and enough was enough.

[Ken] “Now” is as good a time as any…in the best sounding version we can?

[Martin] Plus, it helped that we’d started working with Soma, they’re a great bunch of people who leave us alone and let us do what we do. It makes a change for us not to have to do everything oursleves and it gives us more time to do the creative stuff for a change.

tBd On DJ Broadcast

DJ BroadcastKen has just recorded an interview with DJ Broadcast, click on the link here to read all about (it’s in Dutch) Radio Scarecrow and what we are up to. There’s also a large interview coming in Reverb magazine with all 3 of us, we’ll keep you posted.