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Radio Dogma #02


We’re a bit more settled on the mic for this one and we’ve put the show up to 1hr, 30 minutes just wasn’t enough for all the great music we have to share. Thanks to everyone who shared and sent support in, we’re really grateful and it does make a difference. So here’s our latest selections and don’t forget you can send us your tracks on Soundcloud here:

Radio Dogma 002 – Tracklist
Featured Artist: Reeko
01. Reeko with Architectural – Blue – Pole Group
02. Alchemyst – Second Person – Abstract Animal
03. Gael Philippe – Sinus – Soundcloud
04. GoldFFinch – Stronghold – Soundcloud
05. Adrain Carter – Flat 19 – Soundcloud
06. Inuit – Never End – Zeroocho Records
07. Noah Pred & Tim Xavier – For The Love Of Dog – Alphahouse
08. Ritzi Lee – 7th Contact (Fuse Mix) – Belief System Records
09. Cabaret Voltaire – Here She Comes – Rough Trade
10. James Ruskin – Wisdom Of Youth – Blueprint
11. Reeko with Architectural – Melted – Pole Group
12. Small Colin – Mutations (SkotVoid Remix) – Soundcloud

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Radio Dogma #01


We’ve been wanting to try and do a radio show for a while, so here we are trying! We’ve always turned them down in the past because we figured we wouldn’t like the sound of our own voices. All in one take and playing all the tunes that have been doing it for us while DJing or in the studio, in short we’ll be playing what we want. Hope you enjoy our first attempt, plenty nervous doing it but you’ve got to start somewhere. We’ll be doing a show every two weeks to start with, always released on a Wednesday.

You can send us tracks here:

Radio Dogma #01 Tracklist
Featured Artist: Manni Dee

01. Pusherman – Masque – Soundcloud
02. Manni Dee – Objective Form – Shades Recordings
03. Huxley – Creeper (Club) – AUS Music
04. Twwth – Naomi XX – Signal Life
05. Carl Taylor – Perplexer – EPM Music
06. Renaisance Man – Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Gauss Mix) – Black Ocean
07. Manni Dee – Serenity – Perc Trax
08. Simplicity Is Beauty – Deep Though Mind Explosion 1 – Soundcloud

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