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The Black Dog @ Monegros Festival 07/07/07 Gig Report

We where really looking forward to this one, 45,000 ravers in the desert at one of the best-organised festivals in Europe. Bring it in on Monegros. We’d heard nothing but good reports and a chance to spend another weekend in Spain, you hardly need to ask.

Much better journey over this time, only 30 minutes worth of delays, well done Jet2, big tick. Once we’d landed we where whisked off to the hotel for a quick shower and a couple of beers, always nice to have a chill out and it’s a bit of a ritual. Bumped into the UR crew in the lobby and got to say hello to Mad Mike and Lou from Scan 7, proper chuffed at this point. The hotel Candes was pretty much on the edge of Lleida so we only had a choice of two garages to get some supplies from before fine tuning the set and setting off for the festival.

Welcome To The New DogSquad Site

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It’s not much to look at yet but we are slowly rebuild the old site and should be keep this site more up to date with loads of news, articles and media…There’s loads of updates and info to follow so keep checking back.

BCN Nitsa Gig Report

Our love for BCN is well documented, so the chance to play at Nitsa was a bit of a no-brainer. really. For me [Martin] there’s no finer city, it has everything you need plus I love the food and attitude of the Catalan people – never mind the art and architecture. It was (and still is) fooking raining in Sheffield when we hit the M1 for the airport, it’s been raining here for like a whole month. Leeds/Bradford Airport is nothing to shout about and isn’t on of my favourites, finding the thing without a TomTom would be a nightmare all by itself. Checking in was pretty quick but the shocker was coming, “your flight is running 3 hours late” – brilliant!!! So, 3hrs later we board the plane only to find we have 1 extra person on board!!! Everyone has to get off the plane and start all over again, so 5hrs later we finally set off for BCN. TFFT

Bitten By The Black Dog: Remixes

tBdAs well as working on the new album we’ve been busy work on 3 remixes. The first is a remix of the Q track from this release, not sure of the release date on this one yet but as soon as we know we’ll post up the info. The second remix is for the fantastic Rubens from Glasgow, we selected the Breaking Into Smile track from thier album Carnivalesque. The third is for the Vector Lovers, taken from the new album due for release on Soma pretty soon.