Bonus 6 – Exclusive White Noise Mix – Dark Chamber DJ Mix 2011

It’s always a pleasure to do a mix for DC and support what he’s doing with White Noise, everyone who follows us on Twitter knows we start every single Monday morning with a coffee and a listen to White Noise, we are big fans of the show because like Dave we are fans of music. Although you can grab the full mix from us we do recommend that you sign up for the shows podcasts, the links are below, please show your support.

01. Surgeon – Sheffield Muggerscum Out (The Black Dog Remix) – Soma/Dust Science
02. Planetary Assault Systems – Sucktion – Mote Evolver
03 Planetary Assault Systems – Raid – Mote Evolver
04. Lucy and Xhin – LX3 – CLR Recordings
05. Robert Hood – Alpha (James Ruskin Remix) – M-Plant
06. Samuli Kemppi – Suunta – Komisch
07. Function vs Jerome Sydenham – Two Ninety One – CLR Recordings
08. LFO – LFO (tBd Rework) – Warp
09. The Black Dog – Jack Warp – Unreleased
10. OVR – Descending The Left Corner – Blueprint Records
11. Raudive – Total Pure – Wires
12. The Black Dog – Drake Equation – Unreleased
13. Traversable Wormhole – Transducer (Brian Sanhaji Remix) – CLR Recordings
14. The Black Dog – Bass Tunnel – Unreleased
15. Surgeon – Moseley Muggerscum Out (The Black Dog Remix) – Soma/Dust Science

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Bonus Mix: FACT Mix 144

Update – Now added to our Podcast feed for those that missed out when it originally appeared on the FACT Mag website.

We recently finished a new DJ mix and interview for FACT mag. The mix is a follow-up to the “Remixes and Remixed” set released a while back and is comprised entirely of remixes of, or by, The Black Dog.

01. Purity Device – The Thought Police (Bitten By The Black Dog)
02. The Black Dog – Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix)
03. The Black Dog – Dada Mindstab (Live Mix)
04. The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live Mix)
05. Grievous Angel – Billy Preston (Bitten By The Black Dog)
06. The Black Dog – Floods (Surgeon Remix)
07. The Black Dog – Siiiipher (Bass Soldier Remix)
08. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Remix)
09. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Redshape Remix)
10. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)
11. The Black Dog – Skin Clock (Silicon Soul Remix)
12. The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn (8 Mile Remix by Rob Hood)
13. LFO – LFO (Bitten On The Sly By The Black Dog)
14. Slam – Azure (The Black Dog’s Corned Beefy Remix)

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