The Black Dog – You Are Strange Mix 1

tbd at fabricSometimes you just need something to clear your head – a state of neither neither if you will. This mix was created to be used in our car when traveling to gigs and to the studio for the sole purpose of clearing our heads of all the jingles/sayings/other peoples music/soundbytes/shite that creeps in, the viruses that nag and chip away like a small child asking “are we nearly there yet?”. This is our banishing ritual and the title comes from a friend who commented that the car was totally calm and relaxing but also felt he had to state “You Are Strange”. It can be hard going in places but please try to stick with it 🙂

The Black Dog – You Are Strange Mix
01. Pure – Siouxsie And The Banshees – Polydor
02. 4 3s 555 [Part 2] The Black Dog – Dust Science
03. Minour – The Black Dog – W*rp
04. Alone And Cutting – Slit – Dust Science
05. Gosudaryunia – Marc Almond – Elegy
06. Firspk – D – Rough Trade
07. YouKnowILoveYou – Anthony Child – Dust Science
08. Mutations – Jean-Claude Risset – OHM
09. Dungtitled (In A Major) – Stars Of The Lid – Kranky
10. This Degenerate Little Town (tbd Sheffield Edit) – Current 93 & Thomas Ligotti – Durtro
11. In Reach – Paula Temple – Materials
12. Firspk – D – Rough Trade
13. Seti – The Black Dog – W*rp
14. Do A Little Math – Blank Grid

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