Conspiracy Tapes 006 Darth Dawkins

This is the sixth release in the Conspiracy Tapes series and is available here only as a teaser, the full one-hour piece is available in full, exclusively for our Patreon supporters.

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Our Patreon Campaign

We’re launching a Patreon campaign to bring our community together and create new projects without the usual pressures and demands from the record industry.

What do supporters get?
To begin with, supporters can immediately get the sixth instalment of the Conspiracy Tapes, plus we’ll soon be releasing a special compilation of edits and instrumentals. These won’t be available until January 2019 in the usual download shops and streaming services.

From there on, we’ve got a few ideas, but we’re also keen to hear yours too, so sign-up and let us know.

What is Patreon?
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