“Thee Singles” Now Free For Supporters

Our compilation “Thee Singles”, from the Silenced era, is now freely downloadable for our Patreon supporters. The album features all the tracks from the EPs “Bite Thee Back”, “Trojan Horus”, “Remote Viewing” and “ReMixes”.

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Our Patreon Campaign

We’re launching a Patreon campaign to bring our community together and create new projects without the usual pressures and demands from the record industry.

What do supporters get?
To begin with, supporters can immediately get the sixth instalment of the Conspiracy Tapes, plus we’ll soon be releasing a special compilation of edits and instrumentals. These won’t be available until January 2019 in the usual download shops and streaming services.

From there on, we’ve got a few ideas, but we’re also keen to hear yours too, so sign-up and let us know.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid:

Hoaxer EP4

The fourth and final EP in the Hoaxer series drops three distinct remixes, all darker and deeper than what has gone before.

“Saying goodbye to all of our new conspiracy friends and the rather strange paranoid mindset that comes with them is something of a relief. This final EP of the Hoaxer series was created in a moment of reflection after listening to a combination of extreme Catholicism and Mormonism.

After a while, all of the confrontation and hate just wears you down. We genuinely don’t know how these people get through a day carrying all of this man-made hate for fellow humans. It’s kind of sad that people make time for this kind of thing, let alone fund it. It’s also clear that Social Media needs both ends of every extreme to exist and make money. The divisions in society are profound, intolerance is rife, mistrust is real, and the conspiracies are ever more absurd.

This will not end well.”

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Hoaxer EP3 – Out Now

The “Hoaxer EP3” is out now and available to stream and download:

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DMC Magazine

A new review for both “Black Daisy Wheel” and “Post -Truth” is now available at DMC World Magazine:

New Album Streams Now Available

Post -Truth and Black Daisy Wheel

Both new albums, “Post -Truth” and “Black Daisy Wheel” are now available to stream on all of the big streaming services.

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