Listening To Series: 01

This is what we are currently listening to in the studio, we thought we’d share it with you.

Listening To Series: 01
01. Jonas Landwehr – Sillage – Unterland
02. Alex Bau – Vapour – International DeeJay Gigolo Records
03. Kinko – Daydreaming – Brain Food Records
04. Blase Bandit – Gamma Ray (Gale Talk Remix) – Brain Food Records
05. Klaudia Gawlas – Manifest – Blackrod
06. ANNA – Escapism – NovaMute
08. Alfredo Mazzilli – THX1138 – Supercinema Records
09. Marco Effe – Gate Transmitted – Teksupport
10. Modvek – Unknown Facts 01 – Modvek
11. Kirk Degiorgio – Burning Stone – On Edge Society
12. Jon Hopkins – Singularity (ANNA Remix) – Domino Records
13. Forward Strategy Group – At Seminary – MORD
14. Gary Beck – Lofajenik – BEK Audio
15. Ingen – Moon Meat – Aelien
16. Depthon – Exhale (Chris Koegler Remix) – Blackrod
17. PTU – Castor and Pollux – Trip
18. TWCOR – Dissonance Theory (Under Black Helmet Remix) – Borderlands
19. Sebastian Kramer – The Night – MORD

Conspiracy Tapes 07 Blood Over Intent

Without a doubt one of the craziest and dangerous conspiracies that is attracting young people to spill their own blood in the name of being one of the select few.

If you want to drop us a few bucks for making these you can do so on https://duststoredigital.com/ or https://www.duststore.com/ You can download for free if wish but any support helps keeps the lights on.

If you want to support us direct you can do that on Patreon, by doing so you get loads of stuff early and some exclusive stuff that no-one else will get. Last month our Patreon’s helped us fix a broken amp so we could continue to make music. Thank You.

Conspiracy Tapes 006 Darth Dawkins

Darth Dawkins is a legend in the discord debate community, he’s one of the best presuppositionalists trolls on the scene and will always reduce any argument to “how do you know that?” and then just batter that home for hours on end. He spends most of his time building traps and gotchas, we think he’s working from a script, see what you think. Tape 06 is now available to the general public. You can buy the full res versions HERE or HERE.

Conspiracy Tapes 005 Anti-Vaxx

Anti-Vaxx people have always fascinated us, why would you take the risk and put other people at risk, it just doesn’t make sense, but then many of the belief systems we’ve run into don’t.

This is the final tape for a while, we’ll be releasing the odd one in the future for our new Patreon Project and we’ll have more details on that next week.

Conspiracy Tapes 004 Morgellons

For many Morgellons is a disease of the delusional where the sufferer has parasites and alien technology living inside their body.

Conspiracy Tapes 003 Brian Harvey E17 T.I

This is a very difficult listen, Brian like most Targeted Individuals doesn’t trust anyone and believes he’s being targeted by everyone and has been trapped in his house for 5yrs. He’s angry, confused and concerned for his own well being. After 2yrs down the rabbit hole even we are questioning why the Police decided to knock on his door at 4.45am. He believes he is a targeted individual and openly admits this whole thing is making him ill. We wish him all the best and hope that he comes out the other side.