Neither/Neither Video Review

We don’t normally see video reviews on techno stuff, so this made a nice change.

Neither/Neither Review on Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor

A review of the new album is now up at Resident Advisor. As usual, we probably won’t agree with what’s written.

Interview @

Here’s a recent interview/rant/light-hearted-grumble we did for the nice people at

New Interview With RBMA


Listen to us bang on about Sheffield, the music and living here:

The Black Dog – Some Interview

You’ve released three very different records in the past year: Music For Real Airports, Liber Dogma and the second part of your collaboration with the Psychick Warriors of Gaia. How would you describe the thought process behind each one and how they tie into the overall Black Dog ethos?
[The Black Dog] Everyone project is different, each one is a separate piece of art for us. Each has different emotions, reasoning and vision behind it, we like to investigate our subject and then convert everything through the use of machines, something we have always done and strive to be better at. At times we’ve tested our supporters by moving subjects or changing our “sound”. but it’s something you must do as an artist. you can’t be a Dorian Gray in reverse. you can’t stand still forever. or else you would stagnate and die. We have a phrase here which sums it up.. “chicken and basket band”. Not that there is anything wrong with playing music, while people enjoy their food. It’s a decent and honourable living. But it’s not something we would be comfortable with. The safe, the familiar, and knowing what will happen before you do something, is not for us.

The Quietus Interview & Dark Wave Vol. 03 (Podcast Update)

We did an interview with the lovely people over at The Quietus and there Part 3 of our Dark Wave series ready to stream, check it out here:

Download Here – The Black Dog – Dark Wave Vol .03:

Update: This post was was updated 28/11/2011 to fix the broken podcast link.