Manchester And Dublin Gig Reports

Tbd LogoManchester
It’s always good to get over to Manchester, the nightlife there makes Sheffield feel like a small village and we’ve been wanting to play there for a while. So we hit the Snake Pass and headed over, it’s not an easy drive, even if you know the road well. We get the usual nutcase go past us 90+ and the toss-pot that tail gates you all the way across, more on this subject later.

Sequence have been putting on solid nights for as long as we can remember, they’re always mixing it up and bringing interesting guests to the city, so they had our support from the start. We met both Steve’s who run Sequence and sat watching the bikers outside a Hells Angels pub,? I haven’t seen proper bikers like that for a while but this was all shattered around midnight when they all supped up and went home in a van!!! Check the pictures from the gig here.

We played a good mix up of tracks and it all went down very well, it’s kinda interesting seeing how some of the new stuff works on big PA. Thanks to all the Sequence crew and to Rob Hall for his fantastic slot after us, if you haven’t checked him out yet, you should – he’s our favourite DJ.

The drive home is always harder from Manchester, pitch black and nothing on the road, well except the odd boy racer making their way back to Sheffield, two of them went flying past at the start of the Snake, we caught up with them later when one of them had drive his Nova through a stone wall at high speed…

Many thanks to both Steve’s, Sequence posse and crowd.

I haven’t been to Dublin for a long time and it’s changed so much, it’s got more taxis than NYC and more English people of hen and stag nights than Prague – and we wonder why people think the English are pissheads!

Shaun Mac from the D1 crew picked us up from the airport after being “egged” on the way out of Dublin to collect us, you’ve got to love the young scallys. We dropped the bags off, went for sushi with Eamonn and Shaun. Excellent food and chat before we headed out to the club. The Rogue is a small venue just away from the tourist runs, looked pretty good and we felt at home. Eamonn played the warm up set for us while Shaun played upstairs in the main bar.

Had a chance to catch up with Keith, who does the rather excellent Psychonavigation radio show, the rest of the time we wandered around listening to the tunes and saying hello to people. The set went really well, we had a few midi problems at the start but the crowd where up for a party and so where we. We dropped old and new stuff for the next two hours. We even had sweat dripping onto the computers from the roof by 3am, which is always a good sign – shame we didn’t get to play one last tune tho 🙂

Shouts to Eamonn, Shaun, Keith and The Rogue crowd, thanks for a great night and having us over – Some pictures of our usual snaps here.