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The Black Dog – Fact Interview

The Black Dog


There’s a new interview up on FACT, one where I seem to swear a lot 🙂 Click Here?

Radio Scarecrow Reviews/Quotes/News

Radio ScarecrowReviews and Quotes are starting to come back in for Radio Scarecrow, so we thought we’d share what’s coming in with the dogsquad – we don’t have a massive PR machine and do much of the PR ourselves with Don from Soma. We’ll be adding to this thread as things come in.

DJ Magazine – Album Of The Month
The Black Dog – Radio Scarecrow – Soma

If any one UK outfit was responsible for taking the Detroitian templates and blending ? rather than bastardising ? their boundaries into something genuinely innovative, then that would be The Black Dog. Remaining as invigorating as ever, visionary early-?90s works like ?Temple of Transparent Balls? and ?Spanners? might have been tagged ?intelligent techno? but their cutting edges bled influences into d&b, ambient and electronica. Now a reshaped trio (Ed Handley and Andy Turner long departed to continue their Plaid project), original member Ken Downie and kindred underground spirits Martin and Richard Dust have spent three years labouring on this latest sonic masterpiece.