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New Remix 12″ On Soma – Detroit vs Sheffield

Rob HoodThe finishing touches are just being made to a new remix 12″ for Soma, including a remix from Detroit legend Rob Hood. We’ve been fans of Rob’s work since day dot and he’s perhaps one of the only artist we have every single release by. Train By The Autobahn (Part 1) gets a completely new work out from this Detriot master.

Also back on the mix is The Bass Soldier, his second remix for us, Siiiipher gets the full bass treatment from such a talented teenager, watch your bins is all we can say.

More news when we go to masters.

The Black Dog – Bloc 2008 Set To Download

Bloc 20083 days of hedonistic electronic madness, great fun and with some of the best acts from all around the world.

We played in the small pub at the back of this 1960’s holiday camp that doesn’t seem to have changed one bit, it was like being lost in time – it’s hard to believe these places still exist.

Harder beats than normal to match the atmos and general chaos of the party.

The Black Dog – Live at Bloc Weekender 2008
1. The Black Dog – Witches OV (Beatless Version) – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
2. The Black Dog – UV Sine – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
3. The Black Dog – Mental Ward Sleep Machine – Riphead EP – Soma
4. The Black Dog – Gawble Vianag – Riphead EP – Soma
5. The Black Dog – Age Of Slack – Book of Dogma – Soma
6. The Black Dog – Broke – Unreleased
7. The Black Dog – Squeaky Song – Unreleased
8. The Black Dog – Digital Poacher – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
9. The Black Dog – Coda – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
10. The Black Dog – …Short Wave Lies – Radio Scarecrow – Soma
11. The Black Dog – You Are Static – Unreleased
12. The Black Dog – Trojan Horus [Part 2] – Silenced – Dust Science
13. The Black Dog – Evoke (Carl Taylor Remix) – ReMixes – Dust Science

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Clash Mag Interview

Clash Mag Short interview with Clash Magazine, just say No To Music To Wash Hair By 😉

Click on the image for large version.

Debug Magazine (Germany) Interview

tBd Badge# “Radio Scarecrow” incorporates production techniques like EVP and number stations. What is the idea behind it, did you just decide ‘oh, let’s do that’, or is there a underlying theme?

[Martin] I’ve been interested in EVP recordings for many years and Numbers Station still hold a lot of fascination to me, so I’ve been collecting and swapping recordings for around 10 years. When Radio Scarecrow started to manifest and it seemed like the ideal project to pour all this information and data into the music we where writing at the time ? it felt right. Plus I wanted to put some curses into the project because there’s a couple of people I’d like to see die in hotel fires and using Morse and number ciphers it allowed me to do that. Things happen naturally in Black Dog, there?s no stupid ?back-story? or PR stunts. If we?d had more time and space we would have also put some of our Satie pieces in as well. Things with us manifest by their own nature, we?ve learned to live that over the last four years

[Ken] The album is a soundtrack for a real person. the production technique was akin to knitting the web of wyrd, or splicing disparate strands of rope together, to lead us through the labyrinth. It’s up to the listener to discern “the idea” behind the album. Summing it all up here in 50 words, would be too cheap, and too easy. Like much of our stuff, you’re asked to arrive at your own conclusions.