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The Black Dog – August Charts 2008

1. DJ Bone – No Sleep – Sect
2. Los Hermanos – Traditions & Concepts – Submerge
3. Gas – Nah Und Fern – Kompact
4. X102 – Titan EP – Tresor
5. Plej – Home Is Where The Heart – Exceptional
6. Bitcrush – Shimmer & Fade – N5
7. Nurse With Wound – Huffin’ Rag Blues – United Jnana
8. Elec PT1 – Bunker 3079 – Bunker
9. Arpanet ?- Inertial Frame – Record Makers
10. Dave Gahan – Saw Something – Mute

Archive: Dog Bites Back – Interview with DJ Magazine 28-08-96

Dog Bites Back
[ extract of an interview with The Black Dog ]

[The Black Dog]: “Every human is capable of feeling a whole heap of emotions, but so little contemporary music seems to address them.”

[DJ Magazine]: So can ‘Music For Adverts’ address this heap of emotions? Especially when many of the tracks are very short (the tribal ambiance of ‘Harpo’ is a mere 0:40, whereas the penultimate blipvert ‘Wot’ clocks in at just 0:34). Why is this, do you get bored easily? Or did you have to edit out one hundred other ideas to fit 20 on one album?

“The ‘short tracks’ are an attempt to show that you can have a short simple piece of music that will communicate Itself fully within 38 seconds. About the length of an average advert. Too many people stretch their Ideas out Into boring fifteen minute megamixes. I prefer not to. As David Byrne says In ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads: ‘Say something once, why say it again?’.

tBd Interview in Beats Magazine

This is an interview we did for Beats magazine early this year. Enjoy.

tBd Beats Magazine Interview