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‘Radio Scarecrow’ album has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Best of British 2008

From Soma…

While Americans are busy voting who their next president is going to be, in Britain we’ve got more important things to worry about. Like who made the best album this year for example??

The Black Dog’s ‘Radio Scarecrow’ album has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Best of British 2008. Please help the act win Best British Album by making your vote count at:

The Black Dog – October Charts

1. The Black Dog – Detroit Vs. Sheffield – Soma
2. Hadamard – Bunker 3077 – Bunker
3. Atheus – Edition 1 – Metrolux
4. Pendle Coven – Iamnoman EP – Modern Love
5. Petar Dundov – Waterfall – Music Man
6. Hieroglyphic Being – The Bathroom Sessions – Morphine?
7. Lory D – 8 Gate – Wireblock
8. Octogen – The Journman – Soma
9. Data Leak – Data Drip – Data Leak
10. Carl Craig/Moritz Von Oswald – Recomposed – Polydor

Moritz von Oswald Interview

Just One More Remix – Slam: Azure

We’ve been playing this out for a while but never completed the full remix, well it’s getting the treatment now and we are going large on it 🙂

Due for release on Soma next month!

Edit/Update: Completed, a 11 minute monster is on it’s way to be mastered.

The Black Dog T-Shirts – Limited Run

We’re doing another of our special limited runs of tBd T-shirts again, Black And White print on a Quality Red shirt, as it’s limited we’ll be getting orders in and then making up that amount of shirts and as we use a small local company in Sheffield, it does take us a bit more time than usual but it’s important to us to support other small business in our area.

So, we’ll be taking orders until the 31st of October and then making the shirts and sending them out the following week. There’s four sizes to select from and any profit we make will go towards paying for our servers and bandwidth. These wont be available anywhere else and we won’t be printing this design ever again.

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