The Black Dog: One Hour With The Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia

pwogThee story ov how we know P.W.O.G is so long it would take an entire blog to explain, so we’ll save all that for another day and just present the mix.

P.W.O.G went from Noise to House and we loved them for it. Love and respect to all the guys, we miss you. Buy everything you can find.

01. PWOG – Sheap (The Black Dog’s SUFC Re-edit)
02. PWOG – New Edge Mantra (The Black Dog’s Sit The Fuck Down Croydon, We’ll Bring It Re-edit)
03. PWOG – A Kind of Ambience (The Black Dog’s Stations OV Re-edit)
04. PWOG – The Tides (They Turn)
**. Fragments from- True
05. PWOG – Dust (At The Crossroads) (The Black Dog’s Pat/Alan Re-edit)
06. PWOG – Exit 23 (The Black Dog’s Silencer Re-edit)
07. PWOG – Exit (The Black Dog’s Tim Was A Hippy Re-edit)
08. PWOG – Obsidian
09. PWOG – Ensnared
10. PWOG – Meaned
11. PWOG – Push
12. PWOG – Pull
13. PWOG – Break Shifted
**. Fragments from SA Track 1