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03. Dust Science Special Part 1 – DJ Set/Mix

To celebrate the relaunch of Dust Science we thought it only fitting to go back through some of the early releases on the label and give them the tBd treatment. Enjoy.


01. Anthony Child – youknowiloveyou – (dustv012)Faith is Fear
02. The Black Dog – Sudden Intake – (dustsnd003) Silenced
03. The Black Dog – Trojan Horus Part 3 – (dustsnd001) Trojan Horus EP
04. The Black Dog – Bolt 23 Blue Screen Ov Death – (dustsnd003) Silenced
05. Slit – Alone and Cutting – (dustv012) Faith is Fear
06. The Black Dog – D.O.G. Style – (dustsnd001) Trojan Horus EP
07. Richard H Kirk – Casa NC Dada – (dustv009) Fear No Evil EP
08. Betaville – Surface Tension – (dustv012) Faith is Fear
09. Claude Young – Electronic Dissident – (dustv002) Electronic Dissident EP
10. The Black Dog – Because They Said So – (dustsnd002) Remote Viewing EP
11. Anthony Shakir – The Random Hustle – (dustv005) Lost and Found 1
12. Fred Giannelli – Delirious – (dustv003) Telepathica EP
13. Dan Curtin – Shining – (dustv008) Shining EP
14. Derailleur – Knights Bishop – (dustv010) Wave Theory Of Light EP
15. Vector Lovers – Graviton – (ds93002) Graviton EP
16. Mark Archer – I Said Funky – (ds93001) Song For Einna
17. DNCN – Lakeside – (dustv014) Moss Lane East EP
18. Alex Smoke – Eccie Brekkie Heart – (ds93004) Flume Sump EP
19. Shawn Rudiman – Through the Dark – (dustv015) In My Head EP
20. Carl Taylor – Walk On By – (dustv017) In The North EP
21. The Black Dog – Stele Of Revealing (Carl Taylor Remix) – (dustsnd004) Remixes
22. Carl Taylor – Who Is In Control – (dustv004) Simplex EP

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[dustv017] In The North EP

In-The-NorthEPsmallWe are planning to release a free (limited time) 4 track EP to celebrate the relaunch of Dust Science.

[dustv017] In The North EP

A1. The Black Dog – Tesco (Dark House)
A2. Carl Taylor – Walk On By
B1. Grievous Angel – Show Love v1
B2. The Bass Soldier – You Still Live With Your Mum

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This EP will be free to download (High Quality) from our servers from the 19th of October to the 4th of November 2009. Please feel free to spread the word or add to your site. All that we ask is:
1. You don’t change the contents of the .zip file.
2. You link into the Dust Science site.
3. You include the tracklisting/artists/title somewhere in your post.
4. You take the files down (if you host) on the 3rd of Nov.

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