04. Krautrock: Return To The Source – DJ Set/Mix

04-Krautrock-PodcastIt’s now so hard to imagine a time when there was no synths and a time when musicians/artists didn’t stick to the tried and tested formulas (Schlager) that would become rockisms of modern music.

Many of the original Krautrockers paved the way for much modern electronic music, influencing all that bands that influenced us in turn.

We’ve gone for a pretty wide mix of artists and included people like Stockhausen and Nono because they are pretty much the godfathers of everything electronic. We hope you enjoy it.

Krautrock: Return To The Source – DJ Set/Mix

1. Klaus Schulze – Irrlicht – Caroline Records
2. Ash Ra Tempel – Cosmic Tango – Kosmische Kuriere
3. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Oberlippentanz Fur Trompete Solo – Acanta
4. Kluster – Klopfziechen Part One – Schwann
5. Luigi Nono – Y Entonces Comprendio – Deutsche Grammophon
6. Cluster – Plas – Brain
7. Harmonia – Sehr Kosmisch – Brain
8. Cluster – Live In Der Fabrik – Brain
9. Faust – Mamie Is Blue – Polydor
10. Popol Vuh – Ah! – Pilz
11. Neu! – Negativland – Brain
12. Neu! – Hallogallo – Brain
13. Can – Spoon – United Artists
14. Harmonia – Vamos Companeros – Sony
15. Eno, Moebius, Rodedelius & Plank – Pitch Control – Sky Records
16. Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik – Crown Records

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