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The Black Dog – Dark Wave Vol .07

Just in time for Spring we deliver a new batch of darkness from our favourite cuts at the moment. It was pretty difficult to keep this down to just 1hr with all the good music around at the moment, so expect DW8 pretty soon DogSquad.

The Black Dog – Dark Wave Vol .07
1. P.A.S – Beauty In The Fear (tBd Destroyed In Purpose Pt1) – Ostgut Ton
2. Roly Porter – Atar – Subtext
3. Claro Intelecto – Blind Side – Delsin
4. Shifted – Leather – Mote-Evolver
5. Shifted – Coax – Mote-Evolver
6. Karenn – Caretaker – CDr
7. Samuli Kemppi – Detatched Object – Mote-Evolver
8. BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – Daydreaming About Your Mom – Interdimensional Transmissions
9. Shifted – Spire – Mote-Evolver
10. Puresque – 001a (Bitten By The Black Dog) – Tresor
11. Mark Broom – Box Set – Gynoid
12. Reeko – Miracle – PoleGroup
13. Idealist – Defective Unit – Broque
14. Samull Kemppi – Trans Neptunian – Mote-Evolver
15. Shifted – Spire – Mote-Evolver
16. Mark Broom – M28 – Gynoid
17. Scuba – Gekko – Hotflush Recordings
18. Production Unit – ICU Tracks – Broken20
19. The Black Dog – Dissident Bleep (Sandwell District Remix) – Dust Science
20. George Lanham – Surrogate Siren – Public Stand
21. Alex Under – El Alma Del Tiempo – Soma

The Black Dog – Some Interview

You’ve released three very different records in the past year: Music For Real Airports, Liber Dogma and the second part of your collaboration with the Psychick Warriors of Gaia. How would you describe the thought process behind each one and how they tie into the overall Black Dog ethos?
[The Black Dog] Everyone project is different, each one is a separate piece of art for us. Each has different emotions, reasoning and vision behind it, we like to investigate our subject and then convert everything through the use of machines, something we have always done and strive to be better at. At times we’ve tested our supporters by moving subjects or changing our “sound”. but it’s something you must do as an artist. you can’t be a Dorian Gray in reverse. you can’t stand still forever. or else you would stagnate and die. We have a phrase here which sums it up.. “chicken and basket band”. Not that there is anything wrong with playing music, while people enjoy their food. It’s a decent and honourable living. But it’s not something we would be comfortable with. The safe, the familiar, and knowing what will happen before you do something, is not for us.

The Black Dog – Volt Festival Sweden