Darkhuas Vol 1 – Pre-Order Now

unterton04Pre-orders for the Darkhaus Vol 1 EP are now available at DustStore.com.

On the fourth Unterton release The Black Dog present a new sound somewhere between House and Techno that The Black Dog call Darkhaus. The original version of “Council Flat Emptiness” is an infectious, futuristic, disco-tinged version of a progressive dancefloor workout bathed in strings, mellow melancholia and heavy bass. This is preceeded by a straight to the point stripped down version that multiplies the hypnotic elements of the original.

On the B-side a 9-minute-30-something Remix from Luke Slater’s L.B.Dub Corp project drives the original into classic Slater territory where Techno and Groove marry and electrify each other.

Details at Unterton: http://ostgut.de/label/record/97
Pre-Order Now: DustStore.com