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[dustv040] The Black Dog – Werk+Play EP


As part of our KickStarter campaign we are going to use the CS X51 to create, mix and master all the tracks on this EP. Well, we say EP but it’s actually going to be more of an album with at least 40 minutes worth of exclusive music. We’re really go to see where the music takes us while documenting the path and process for people to see.

We’ll be presenting a wide spectrum of our styles, tracks aimed at the floor as well as some more ambient and experimental pieces that we’ve been working on. Like Penthouse & Pavement this release is a game of two halves and will be recorded here at Dog Towers.

Be part of the journey and get your hands on this upcoming release by supporting our KickStarter project. With your help, we can create something special and help to bring some manufacturing back to Sheffield.

The Black Dog Werk + Play EP 
1. Atavistic Resurgence (Bass Mix)
2. For The Love Of Megatron
3. Forged From SoYo
4. Ov Wires (Vocals By Regis)
5. Truncated
6. Northern Grin Eye
7. Liquid Psychotherapy Validation
8. Wrong Pocket
9. Aestated
10. Bolt a03293h4
11. BassTrap
12. Theme For The Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire

Get this release and back the project here:

Introducing Machinewerks: The CS X51 Control Surface


Hi Dogsquad,

We need your help with a project we’ve been working on for the last 8 months, we’ve been hard at work trying to make it happen and now it’s finally here.

You can read all about what we are trying to do here:

You can support us on the Kickstarter Project here:

We realise it’s a but unusual for us to ask for help but if you’ve always been supportive to us so hand on heart we’d love for this project to happen, to bring back some manufacturing to Sheffield, to possibly start employing people and to make some great kit for us all to make music with.

Please help us spread the word if you can, you can also win a CS X51, just check out the details here:

Many thanks in advance.

The Black Dog