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The Black Dog / Happa Scan 9 From SoYo™ / Red Place (Bleep)


Time for a new single release from us and this time on a joint release with Happa as part of ‘The Green Series’ 12″s from Warp and

This is very limited edition vinyl which comes in a very tasty package from design collective GiveUpArt and photographer Shaun Bloodworth. Each copy will be presented in a beautifully presented deluxe art package.

Samples, full details and order information are available now exclusively at

tBd 3 Hour DJ Set: Luxor Live, NL, 9/11/2013


We’ll be back in the Netherlands on Saturday 11th November 2013 for a 3 hour DJ set at Luxor Live. More info available from the Luxor Live website:$ID_648/re%3A-focus-w%2F-the-black-dog/