25 Years Of Techno T-Shirts


2 Colours printed on top quality American Apparel Unisex T-Shirts. £15 + VAT & Shipping.

Here’s how we work on T-Shirts. We use a small company to manufacture our shirts and they need a lot of advance warning and can be a little slow but we like supporting the small guy so we collect all the orders up first and then print and ship them out.

We’ll be taking orders on these until 1st of March and then we’ll print/ship. We won’t be taking any orders over this date and we won’t be printing this shirt design ever again.

If you want or need a size that isn’t listed, contact us at customerservices [at] duststore.com and we’ll sort something out with you.

You’ll find Mens size info Here flic.kr/p/dZUVbj, Women’s sizes here flic.kr/p/e1vLeg and Detail info flic.kr/p/jLWdC3