Hoaxer EP3

The “Hoaxer EP3” is nearly here, with previews and pre-orders available now.

The lead track “Technological Utopians” is lifted from the album “Post -Truth” and reworked into two new and very distinct new forms: one floor friendly, the other dark and beatless. These are complimented by the deep grooves of the new track “Something Under My Skin Again”.

“These tracks were written and remixed under the influence of people who believe in Morgellons, that vaccines are bad, and all drugs are scare drugs.

In the conspiracy world, these topics are bigger than you think and truly affect people in the real world. This is a world where people pay for and believe in drinking bleach, where MMS is a real product for sale and so beyond stupid you have to question how reality has become so warped.

How did we get here? These belief systems are more dangerous than any religion and it’s only going to get worse.”

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