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Conspiracy Tapes 003 Brian Harvey E17 T.I

This is a very difficult listen, Brian like most Targeted Individuals doesn’t trust anyone and believes he’s being targeted by everyone and has been trapped in his house for 5yrs. He’s angry, confused and concerned for his own well being. After 2yrs down the rabbit hole even we are questioning why the Police decided to knock on his door at 4.45am. He believes he is a targeted individual and openly admits this whole thing is making him ill. We wish him all the best and hope that he comes out the other side.

Ambient Selections on Spotify

For a while now, we’ve been quietly curating a playlist on Spotify featuring a few ambient, downtempo and experimental tunes. For non-regular Spotify users, it is also completely free if you can put up with the occasional advert.

Conspiracy Tapes 002 Christian Science

The second of our “Conspiracy Tapes” focuses on the world where scientific views are blurred with religion. Presented here as a continuous one-hour ambient piece, recorded live.

Conspiracy Tapes 001 Flat Earth

This is the first of our “Conspiracy Tapes”, each comprising of a continuous one-hour ambient piece, recorded live while listening to conspiracy theorist discuss their versions of reality.

“001” focuses on the surreal “Flat Earth” movement, following their diverse theories discussed in many corners of the internet every single day.

Hoaxer EP4 – Out Now

The fourth and final EP in the “Hoaxer” series is now available to stream and download from all the usual places:

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Hoaxer EP4

The fourth and final EP in the Hoaxer series drops three distinct remixes, all darker and deeper than what has gone before.

“Saying goodbye to all of our new conspiracy friends and the rather strange paranoid mindset that comes with them is something of a relief. This final EP of the Hoaxer series was created in a moment of reflection after listening to a combination of extreme Catholicism and Mormonism.

After a while, all of the confrontation and hate just wears you down. We genuinely don’t know how these people get through a day carrying all of this man-made hate for fellow humans. It’s kind of sad that people make time for this kind of thing, let alone fund it. It’s also clear that Social Media needs both ends of every extreme to exist and make money. The divisions in society are profound, intolerance is rife, mistrust is real, and the conspiracies are ever more absurd.

This will not end well.”

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