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Conspiracy Tapes 006 Darth Dawkins

Darth Dawkins is a legend in the discord debate community, he’s one of the best presuppositionalists trolls on the scene and will always reduce any argument to “how do you know that?” and then just batter that home for hours on end. He spends most of his time building traps and gotchas, we think he’s working from a script, see what you think. Tape 06 is now available to the general public. You can buy the full res versions HERE or HERE.

Conspiracy Tapes RMX

This album plots our journey into the dark side of the conspiracy world, revealing some of the people we’ve talked to and others we’ve simply listened to.

Here we share the edited versions of our first six Conspiracy Tapes. They’re not an easy listen and they’re not designed to be, but these people and their ideas are real.

It would be easy to laugh and poke fun at these characters, but they’re 100% serious and the consequences are very real. People are actually drinking poisons like MMS and Turpentine. Others are dying due to Breatharians. Some resort to suicide because a psychic said that a loved one is waiting. People are losing their families, friends and jobs over this stuff. This is not a joke.

Each of the original Conspiracy Tapes were performed live as one-hour ambient pieces. Here we present edits of those tracks, as both vocal mixes and for the first time, instrumentals.

Patreons get this a month early and with an extra track, so follow this link if you want to support us directly:

The release date for the standard version is 11/01/19

01. Tape 01 Flat Earth (Edit)
02. Tape 02 Christian Science (Edit)
03. Tape 03 Brian Harvey – E17 – T.I (Edit)
04. Tape 04 Morgellons (Edit)
05. Tape 05 Anti-Vaxx (Edit)
06. Tape 01 Flat Earth (Instrumental Edit)
07. Tape 02 Christian Science (Instrumental Edit)
08. Tape 03 Brian Harvey – E17 – T.I (Instrumental Edit)
09. Tape 04 Morgellons (Instrumental Edit)
10. Tape 05 Anti-Vaxx (Instrumental Edit)

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We’re launching a Patreon campaign to bring our community together and create new projects without the usual pressures and demands from the record industry.

What do supporters get?
To begin with, supporters can immediately get the sixth instalment of the Conspiracy Tapes, plus we’ll soon be releasing a special compilation of edits and instrumentals. These won’t be available until January 2019 in the usual download shops and streaming services.

From there on, we’ve got a few ideas, but we’re also keen to hear yours too, so sign-up and let us know.

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Conspiracy Tapes 005 Anti-Vaxx

Anti-Vaxx people have always fascinated us, why would you take the risk and put other people at risk, it just doesn’t make sense, but then many of the belief systems we’ve run into don’t.

This is the final tape for a while, we’ll be releasing the odd one in the future for our new Patreon Project and we’ll have more details on that next week.

Conspiracy Tapes 004 Morgellons

For many Morgellons is a disease of the delusional where the sufferer has parasites and alien technology living inside their body.