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tBd 3 Hour DJ Set: Luxor Live, NL, 9/11/2013


We’ll be back in the Netherlands on Saturday 11th November 2013 for a 3 hour DJ set at Luxor Live. More info available from the Luxor Live website:$ID_648/re%3A-focus-w%2F-the-black-dog/

The Black Dog Live In The Studio

034 eSC The Black Dog from Electronic Supper Club on Vimeo.

Short studio session to celebrate the release of their new album Tranklements.
Visuals By Shaun Bloodworth

The Black Dog @Trouw


The Black Dog – Tranklements – Live Broadcast


A live broadcast of our selected tracks from our new album Tranklements with visuals from Shaun Bloodworth to celebrate 100 years of Stainless Steel.

You can buy The Black Dog album Tranklements here

Watch Here