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Neither/Neither on Spotify

Our new album “Neither/Neither” is hitting the streaming services now so if you have an account with one you can get stuck in straight away. Spotify (embedded here) is up now other services such as iTunes, rdio and Google Play Music are also available too.

If you’re on a service that doesn’t feature our releases, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it included.


Neither/Neither – New Album Out Now


Our new album “Neither/Neither” is available now at on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD and Digital (WAV and MP3). Vinyl and CD versions come with a free digital version and we’ve even thrown in a new bonus track for everyone.


Interview @

Here’s a recent interview/rant/light-hearted-grumble we did for the nice people at

Ettinger With Shaun Bloodworth

Here’s another short film by Shaun Bloodworth focussing on small makers in the UK, we did all the music and sound design for this one, pretty pleased with the results.

Further Dogma 03

The Black Dog - Further Dogma 3


01. The Black Dog – Ov Wires – (Dust Science)
02. Huxley – Sphere – (AUS)
03. The Black Dog – Riser – (Dust Science)
04. JT Kyrke – Clone – (ART)
05. Mella Dee – GT Turbo – (Digital Soundboy)
06. The Black Dog – Fraction Slide – (Dust Science)
07. Ténèbre – Essaim – (Ténèbre Audio)
08. Subversive – Telomere – (VRV)
09. RSCH – Osiris – (Vision Collector)
10. Interferon – Arc – (Apothecary Compositions)
11. Takaaki Itoh – Finder – (Grey Report)
12. Miriam Macri – Manifesto Blanco (Hertz Collision Remix) – (Spectral Rebel)
13. The Black Dog – Fraction Slide (Regged Version Live @Trouw) – (Dust Science)
14. Yuji Kondo – Radiate The Ocean From My Back – (Perc Trax)
15. Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern – (Token Records)
16. Ritzi Lee – S.O.S. – (Belief System Records)
17. Sigha – Hard Lines Soft Skin – (Our Circular Sound)

[dustv049] The Black Dog – Exhibit 1 & 2

The-Black-Dog Exhibit

Recording, Mixed and Treated for two exhibitions at Sheffield’s Festival Of The Mind.

Parts 1 and 1.1 are for unique audio-visual exhibition that recreates the dawn chorus that we did with photographer Shaun Bloodworth. The video will be released shortly.

Parts 2 and 2.1 are perfect loops used on a speaker system as people walking through the gallery.

Have you noticed we don’t hear the dawn chorus anymore? Techno legends The Black Dog have recreated it, using recordings of birds, with visuals by Shaun Bloodworth. The science behind the exhibition, supplied by bird expert Professor Tim Birkhead, is disturbing: Britain’s bird population is in decline.

Tim Birkhead is an award-winning educator, researcher and author of several books on bird behaviour. Ambient techno pioneers The Black Dog are among the defining voices of the Warp generation. World-class photographer and filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth is a prolific documenter of the international dance music scene.