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Sheffield Collectable Knives

A film about knife manufacture in Sheffield, England, featuring production at the Egginton Group and its famous historic brands , makers of Pocket , Bowie and Commando knives since the late 17th century.

Film By Shaun Bloodworth
Sound Design & Music By The Black Dog

Ettinger With Shaun Bloodworth

Here’s another short film by Shaun Bloodworth focussing on small makers in the UK, we did all the music and sound design for this one, pretty pleased with the results.

Save The Birds – Video

A new audio visual project produced in collaboration with Shaun Bloodworth for Sheffield’s Festival Of The Mind.

Full details of the project along with the original soundtrack can be found at:

Barry Cant Arf Weld

A short film by Shaun Bloodworth about large scale forging of special steels at Firth Rixson in Sheffield, for which we provided the soundtrack. Part of the Steel Stories project in collaboration with Arts and Humanities, The University of Sheffield.

Live In Japan @ 6am

The Putter

“The Putter” is the second of two films from Steel Stories in collaboration with Shaun Bloodworth. Filmed at Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, this is about the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. The film documents “Putter” Cliff Denton, who is literally a putter togetherer of scissors.

The music, specially written for the project by us, is called “Theme For The Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire” and is now available on the “Werk + Play EP”. You can grab the download at: