Real Airports Interview

Here’s an interview we did with those fantastic people over at mnml ssg. The mixes are also recommended.

Bonus Mix: FACT Mix 144

Update – Now added to our Podcast feed for those that missed out when it originally appeared on the FACT Mag website.

We recently finished a new DJ mix and interview for FACT mag. The mix is a follow-up to the “Remixes and Remixed” set released a while back and is comprised entirely of remixes of, or by, The Black Dog.

01. Purity Device – The Thought Police (Bitten By The Black Dog)
02. The Black Dog – Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix)
03. The Black Dog – Dada Mindstab (Live Mix)
04. The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live Mix)
05. Grievous Angel – Billy Preston (Bitten By The Black Dog)
06. The Black Dog – Floods (Surgeon Remix)
07. The Black Dog – Siiiipher (Bass Soldier Remix)
08. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Remix)
09. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Redshape Remix)
10. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)
11. The Black Dog – Skin Clock (Silicon Soul Remix)
12. The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn (8 Mile Remix by Rob Hood)
13. LFO – LFO (Bitten On The Sly By The Black Dog)
14. Slam – Azure (The Black Dog’s Corned Beefy Remix)

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The Black Dog, Interview With Skrufff

the_black_dog_2008_tbd-hide“I think they want to turn us all into numbers, and know what we are up to 24 hours a day. If you spend something, they want to know about it. If you read a book, they want to know about it. If you send an email, they want to read it.”

Chatting about the parallels between George Orwell’s 1984 and the Britain of today, Black Dog founder member Ken Downie admits he’s alarmed.

“Oh, and they have your individual fingerprints and DNA data in their files, too,” he points out. “Nobody voted for the surveillance society, as I recall. But step by step it has crept into our lives.”

Black Dog’s new album ‘Further Vexations’ is underlined by ‘a dark cynicism of the Orwellian practices being carried out by the Government’, the accompanying press release explains, though fellow TBD man Martin Dust is anything but resigned.

“This surveillance society is pretty frightening and the other thing is, it won’t stop “terrorism”. They’ve learnt nothing and they treat people as if they’re stupid though as far as I can see most people are doing nothing about it,” he observes.

“We need to bring back a sense of community to the working classes and rise up and fuck these upper class twits off – they are fucking everything up, they’ve been riding our backs for too long and I for one have had enough of the cunts,” he storms.

tBd Interview in Beats Magazine

This is an interview we did for Beats magazine early this year. Enjoy.

tBd Beats Magazine Interview

Archive – Eternity Interview 1996

[Eternity]: After deciphering a crazed message on my answering machine from Mr Mark EG I deduced that my mission was to interview a legend of the Techno underworld for Eternity.? Interviews are funny things, you never quite know what to expect and when the subject of your interrogation is Ken Downie, a.k.a. The Black Dog, you’re certainly ready for anything.?

The Black Dog is one of the most colourful characters you could hope to find within the murky depths of the underground scene.? His background and beliefs are as rich and unique as his mind-blowing brand of progressive ambience.? Ken Downie, the founder member and “genuine discordian pope” has gone from strawberry picker, to sailor, to computer hacker, to renowned music maker.? Although he is often regarded as a true cyberpunk artist, he describes himself as “just a scruffy sod, with a few modems and computers” and regards The Black Dog as a flexible creative vehicle “in a multimedian sort of way”.

The Black Dog – Fact Interview

The Black Dog


There’s a new interview up on FACT, one where I seem to swear a lot 🙂 Click Here?