‘Radio Scarecrow’ album has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Best of British 2008

From Soma…

While Americans are busy voting who their next president is going to be, in Britain we’ve got more important things to worry about. Like who made the best album this year for example??

The Black Dog’s ‘Radio Scarecrow’ album has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Best of British 2008. Please help the act win Best British Album by making your vote count at:

Radio Scarecrow Reviews/Quotes/News

Radio ScarecrowReviews and Quotes are starting to come back in for Radio Scarecrow, so we thought we’d share what’s coming in with the dogsquad – we don’t have a massive PR machine and do much of the PR ourselves with Don from Soma. We’ll be adding to this thread as things come in.

DJ Magazine – Album Of The Month
The Black Dog – Radio Scarecrow – Soma

If any one UK outfit was responsible for taking the Detroitian templates and blending ? rather than bastardising ? their boundaries into something genuinely innovative, then that would be The Black Dog. Remaining as invigorating as ever, visionary early-?90s works like ?Temple of Transparent Balls? and ?Spanners? might have been tagged ?intelligent techno? but their cutting edges bled influences into d&b, ambient and electronica. Now a reshaped trio (Ed Handley and Andy Turner long departed to continue their Plaid project), original member Ken Downie and kindred underground spirits Martin and Richard Dust have spent three years labouring on this latest sonic masterpiece.

New Single – Set To Receive – Soma 240 17/03/08

Set To Receive

Set To Receive EP
A. Set To Receive
B1. EVP Echoes
B2. Short Wave Lies [Live]

Listen Here

New Single released on 17/03/08 and the final tracks to be taken for the forthcoming album Radio Scarecrow. Already getting charted and played by the like of Louis Osbourne, Laurent Garnier and Claude Young.

Laurent Garnier ? Black Dog as good as ever.

Claude Young ? The Black Dog has done it again! Deep funky electronics presented by the masters of the game. This release is definitely something for the mind body and soul. 10/10?

Denise Breidbach ? Great release, all three tracks are massive ?hits?!!! Absolutely stunning. 10/10?

Radio Scarecrow Site Launched

Radio Scarecrow Site Launch

tBd – Burn The Yellow Brick Road


This is the second part of the interview we did with Jonty Skrufff about the Radio Scarecrow and various other bits and bobs.

1. Starting with the press release: it says ?since the release of Silenced in October 2005 The Black Dog have been working delicately on its successor?: ?working delicately? is an unusual phrase: why ?delicate?: what does the term mean in practical terms?

[Martin] It doesn?t seem that unusual to me, music and the whole creative process is delicate by its very nature. The slightest thing can throw it completely off, even if you are making the most violent kind of music. This is why we created special mixes

[Ken] To me, it means “carefully crafted” and hand stitched with love. This was not the time to say “fuck it, that will do”. A lot of extra tweaking beyond the call of duty went into the album. It took six months to put the tracks into their correct (and final) order, for instance.

[Martin] Jesus, I still have 67 cdr?s in the car with all the different tracks and track orders on them, that was a real quest but it?s something that you have to do if you love music. It has to be right.

Radio Scarecrow Press Release

Radio Scarecrow

Radio Scarecrow

Since the release of Silenced in October 2005 The Black Dog have been working delicately on its successor. Two years in the making and the first album to be completed in their new Sheffield Lab.

Radio Scarecrow has been over two years in the making, constantly developing and building, culminating in a masterpiece work that flows delightfully and hits hard. A true progression on Silenced, the trio are keen to note ?the beats are faster and the bass is much heavier ? so much so that it was making us ill working with the low frequencies for hours on end, we could only do 3 hours at a time on some parts?.