10. Collected Vexations & Other People

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Where you seem to get nothing done and everyone else just gets in the way for no apparent reason? Well, last week was one of those weeks for us at Dog Towers. Rather than vent at others, we set the machines to work, enjoy!

01. The Black Dog – Sex
02. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Mix)
03. The Black Dog – 0093 [Berlin Mix]
04. The Black Dog – Tunnels OV Set (Autechre Remix)
05. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)
06. The Black Dog – Magick
07. The Black Dog – Tunnels OV Set (The Bass Soldier’s Manor Top Mix)
08. The Black Dog – Tunnels OV Set (Crookes Mix)
09. The Black Dog – You’re Only SQL [BCN Mix]
10. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Redshape Analogue Mix)
11. The Black Dog – Rave
12. The Black Dog – Skinclock (Silicone Soul Remix)

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Bonus Mix: FACT Mix 144

Update – Now added to our Podcast feed for those that missed out when it originally appeared on the FACT Mag website.

We recently finished a new DJ mix and interview for FACT mag. The mix is a follow-up to the “Remixes and Remixed” set released a while back and is comprised entirely of remixes of, or by, The Black Dog.

01. Purity Device – The Thought Police (Bitten By The Black Dog)
02. The Black Dog – Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix)
03. The Black Dog – Dada Mindstab (Live Mix)
04. The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live Mix)
05. Grievous Angel – Billy Preston (Bitten By The Black Dog)
06. The Black Dog – Floods (Surgeon Remix)
07. The Black Dog – Siiiipher (Bass Soldier Remix)
08. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Remix)
09. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Redshape Remix)
10. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)
11. The Black Dog – Skin Clock (Silicon Soul Remix)
12. The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn (8 Mile Remix by Rob Hood)
13. LFO – LFO (Bitten On The Sly By The Black Dog)
14. Slam – Azure (The Black Dog’s Corned Beefy Remix)

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The Black Dog – January Chart 2010

1. Cluster – Qua –  Nepenthe Music
2. The Bass Soldier- You Still Live With Your Mum EP- Dust Science Recordings
3. Ben Klock – Before One-Label – Ostgut Ton
4. Antonym – Time Passes In Dynamic Culture – Downwards
5. Tropic Of Cancer – The Dull Age-Label – Downwards
6. Pan Sonic – Hinaaja – Blast First
7. Autechre – Treale – Warp Records
8. Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart – Rabid Records
9. The Black Dog – The Vexing Remixes EP – Soma Records
10. Carl Taylor – DS Warehouse Trax EP – Dust Science Recordings

[dustv017] In The North EP

In-The-NorthEPsmallWe are planning to release a free (limited time) 4 track EP to celebrate the relaunch of Dust Science.

[dustv017] In The North EP

A1. The Black Dog – Tesco (Dark House)
A2. Carl Taylor – Walk On By
B1. Grievous Angel – Show Love v1
B2. The Bass Soldier – You Still Live With Your Mum

Get your name down on the Twitter or Facebook lists (see Dust & Dog post) or just sign up for the Newsletter. More details, samples and images to follow.

This EP will be free to download (High Quality) from our servers from the 19th of October to the 4th of November 2009. Please feel free to spread the word or add to your site. All that we ask is:
1. You don’t change the contents of the .zip file.
2. You link into the Dust Science site.
3. You include the tracklisting/artists/title somewhere in your post.
4. You take the files down (if you host) on the 3rd of Nov.

Follow this Link For Free Downloads

The Black Dog:We Are Sheffield EP 03/08/09 Soma 267

We Are Sheffield EP

The Black Dog:We Are Sheffield EP

A1. Tunnels Ov Set (Crookes Mix)
A2. Tunnels Ov Set (The Bass Soldiers’ Manor Top Mix)
AA1. Tunnels Ov Set ( Autechre Remix)
AA2. Tripside Syndicate

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Detroit Vs. Sheffield – Single Of The Month In DJ Mag

What better way to sign off this years releases than this – chufty badges for all 🙂