The Black Dog @ Glade Festival 21/07/07 + Gig Report

GladeAnother great festival, we’ll be playing with Derrick May, Jim Masters and Vince Watson on the Vapour Stage.

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Gig Report

It was never going to be easy!!! After the floods in Sheffield 3 weeks earlier we knew better than to set off on Friday, we figured we’d give it 24hrs before making a call, there would be less chaos for sure or that’s what we hoped.

It only took us 4hrs to get to Glade from Sheffield on Saturday afternoon but you could see why the day before had been mental. The water levels were dangerously close on several parts of the M40 and M4. Still, a quick stop off for some pies and we’d be safe (wouldn’t we?). After pulling into the car park and getting our passes sorted it absolutely binned it down with rain from 45 minutes solid, welcome to Glade! Earlier in the day we’d been all cover Sheffield looking for welly’s and scored no luck so this was going to be messy, very messy.

We walked down the lanes to the festival, it looked really nice in the sunshine but at soon as we turned the corner it was complete and utter mudcore. The whole place was covered in a good 6 inches of mud, with random streams of water just following the laws of gravity. At this point we felt really sorry for the people who’d come for the full weekend of camping, it must have been a complete nightmare for them.

There was nothing to do but go to the bar and then find Jim after a few beers. We’d spoken to Jim earlier in the day and he’d said that it had taken him 7hrs to do the 2hr journey and that we should set off around mid-day, we had to point out that it was already 12.30 and the road reports looked fine :), anyway, after some food we meet up with Jim at Gate 3 for a smoke – we are bang next to the Police’s custodial unit so we figured we’d be safe 🙂

We head down to open the Vapour tent around 9.30, the staff are really well organised so we have no hassle setting up or getting levels. Had a quick chat with Vince and the back to the portacabin for a few beers, on the way out Richard hits the deck and takes a full side off mud and water. He’s in a right old state (see the pictures).

Jim warmed the crowd up nicely and Vince Watson rocked it as he always does, we started slow again and just kept building as much as we could, it seemed to go down really well – although a bit more volume would have been really nice but we can’t really complain. Derrick finished the tent off with a really good set. Back to Jim’s for some clean clothes for Richard and then homeward bound, or so we thought. The field we’d parked the car in was now a swamp, after a good run we got stuck in the middle with no-one around to help push. After 3 other cars got stuck in various other parts of the field we all clubbed together and helped each other out of the field, an hour of pushing cars in mud takes it toll, not really what you need at 5am but you have to keep the festival spirit and seeing as the crowd where so good it would have been wrong to just leave people in the lurch.

Many thanks to: The Crowd, Jim and John for sorting everything out and all the staff at Glade. To the people who helped us out of the car park.

Our pictures are here