The Black Dog @ Monegros Festival 07/07/07 Gig Report

We where really looking forward to this one, 45,000 ravers in the desert at one of the best-organised festivals in Europe. Bring it in on Monegros. We’d heard nothing but good reports and a chance to spend another weekend in Spain, you hardly need to ask.

Much better journey over this time, only 30 minutes worth of delays, well done Jet2, big tick. Once we’d landed we where whisked off to the hotel for a quick shower and a couple of beers, always nice to have a chill out and it’s a bit of a ritual. Bumped into the UR crew in the lobby and got to say hello to Mad Mike and Lou from Scan 7, proper chuffed at this point. The hotel Candes was pretty much on the edge of Lleida so we only had a choice of two garages to get some supplies from before fine tuning the set and setting off for the festival.
Troy Pierce was tearing it up as we got out of the van, nice to hear Surgeon‘s Badger Bite ringing out over the desert. Checked the stage and the crowd out before having a few more beers, it was kinda of a who’s who in the chilling area, we had a chat with Zero, Juan Atkins and The Orb while we waited to be called. Really nice atmos and great to just relax for a change.

What’s weird about the festival is that after each act has finished they leave a ten minute gap while they change over acts, so you have a constant flow of people coming and going to each stage, it was amazing to watch as thousand of people traveling from one place to another, from a distance it was just like watching ants.

It only took us ten minutes to set up on supplied table due to the highly organised staff at the festival, in fact this is the best organised event we’ve ever played at, we didn’t need to worry about a single thing nor did we want for anything, so a big thanks to all the Monegros staff.

Just as we are about to go on the heavens open and as we aren’t actually in a tent the landscape in front of the stage just empties, I look at Rich and we are both thinking the same, “Oh Shit”. We decide to drop the fast start and go for a slow build set, it works – people start to brave the weather and feel the beats, after 10 minutes the weather improves and we have a good crowd in front of the stage. It’s a great feeling when you manage to turn things around and by the end of the set we where buzzing. We dropped more of the new tracks and a couple of old classics, not a perfect set but we where pleased, shame we only got an hour really.

When we got off stage we had a dressing room and a fridge full of beer and vodka, we shared our beers with the guys next door who’d run out and had a massive booze up with Orde, Stuart, Craig and Graeme from Slam and Silicone Soul. Had a great laugh before saying hello to Rob and Sean from Autechre, by 6am we where ready for bed, make it so…

On the way back to the airport our name gets mentioned on the radio and they play about 20 minutes of our set…

Many thanks to everyone who said hello and a massive thanks to all the Monegros staff who made the whole experience an absolute dream, it’s without a doubt the best organised event we’ve ever played.

There’s a short live mix now available here

Some pictures here

Footage from someones phone (poor picture/sound):

More info and pictures to follow:

Monegros 1

Monegros 2