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The Cost 12″

The CostThe Cost 12″ is out on promo at the moment, as we’ve mentioned before – Simon Francis down at Masterpiece has done a fantastic job on remastering the tracks, they are really warm and full but they still have that punch. Here’s the track listing for this 12:

The Cost
A1 Cost I (5:05)
A2 Cost II (6:30)
B1 The Actor And Audience (5:17)
B2 Sharp Shooting On Saturn (6:39)

tBd – September Gigs

Sequence FlyerDue to us working on the new?album, we’ve only accepted 3 gigs for September. We are really looking forward to them all, as it will probably be the only time we see other people and that burning thing in the sky. The line-up at the Connect Festival looks amazing, Sequence has been one of the most constant techno nights in the North for a couple of years now and a welcome return to Dublin after what seems like an age. See you down the front.
Gigs For September
1st – Connect Festival – Argyll
15th – Sequence – Manchester
29th – Soundstream – Dublin

New Album – Radio Scarecrow

Tbd LogoTotal lockdown!!! After dealing the with the floods and the expense of replacing our cars and the studio block being closed down by Health?& Safety?we are now in a position to finally finish our new album Radio Scarecrow for Soma. For the next 4 weeks we’ll be locked in the studio working on nothing but the album, the machines are fired up and we have over 25 tracks to mix down to build the new album with – most of which have been road-tested at our recent gigs. See you on the other side, we’ll announce the release date on September 23rd.

The Black Dog – Release News Update 13/08/7

White LabelThe new masters for Temple of Transparent Balls are finally back?and sounding very phat indeed. Soma have this and a 4 track 12″ slated for release in October – more news and the artwork from the dust studio?crew to follow.

The new 12″, Floods V2, has been submitted to Soma, this 12 comes with a remixes from?Birmingham’s finest Surgeon and a new dubstep artist from Sheffield called The Bass Soldier (he’s only 17 as well!!!). The album (Radio Scarecrow) is well on its way to being finished in mid-September and if we can get our act together a tour to support it. The remix for the Vector Lovers is coming along nicely and Slam’s Azure is sat waiting to be bitten really hard next.

The Black Dog – You Are Strange Mix 1

tbd at fabricSometimes you just need something to clear your head – a state of neither neither if you will. This mix was created to be used in our car when traveling to gigs and to the studio for the sole purpose of clearing our heads of all the jingles/sayings/other peoples music/soundbytes/shite that creeps in, the viruses that nag and chip away like a small child asking “are we nearly there yet?”.

New Black Dog Mixes + Chart And Release/Remix New

tBd LappysIt’s been a while since we released some new mixes so we’ve taken two edits for our recent live shows, we hope you enjoy them.