tBd Live At Fuse


It’s been a long time since the Dog has been to Belgium, well we have been but it’s always on the way to somewhere else! Fuse‘s commitment to Techno is well documented (Since 1994)?so the chance to go over and play for them was most welcome, even if it did mean getting up at 6am to catch the only direct flight out of Manchester!!! So over the moors we headed.

David from Fuse met us at the airport and took great care of us all weekend, thanks fella. The Royal Windsor hotel was as posh as it sounds but very sleepy, even waiting in the lobby made you tired 🙂 We packed our bags away and went for a quick look around the town centre, with no searching at all we managed to find a whole street of Kebab shops and we don’t really need an excuse, so we charging up with a couple of Mixed and pints of Primus before headed back to the hotel for a sleep.

Off for lunch at 6.30pm with David, Sam and Trish and then for a quick sound-check. JP looks after the system at Fuse and a fine system it is, Fuse is the kind of place I wish we had in Sheffield but lets not go there shall we.

After the sound check we got whisked off to Radio Brussels to do an interview with Tomaz, Tomaz has shown Dust Science and Black Dog a lot of support over the years so it was good to pay back some respect and final meet the man behind the email address. We had a pretty good rant for ten minutes before heading back to the hotel for a 10 Euro beer each (Stella as well!!!) and a quick nap before heading out to the club at 1.30am to break some heads and bend some legs.

We’d been told that the numbers wouldn’t be as high as usual because I Love Techno??had been on the week before and Awakenings was about to happen?but the club was comfortably packed and Trish was rocking the decks when we landed. We also had a chance to meet our good friend Dimitri and his girlfriend Daria, it’s always good to final meet all our fellow TechnoTourists, if you haven’t check out Dimitri yet we highly recommend that you do.

The crowd was a really good mix of people, we played loads of new stuff and tried out one or two new ideas, all in all a great night that end with us trying Belgium’s second biggest export until 7am while Sam played an excellent set. Great crowd, great crew – We Loved It.

There’s a few snaps here