The Black Dog – You Are Strange 2 & Update

Blur DogThe Black Dog – You Are Strange 2 Mix
1. ?o? – Autechre & The Hafler Trio – Die Stadt
2. 20 Jazz Funk Greats – Throbbing Gristle – Fetish Records
3. Suhteellinen – Pan Sonic – Blast First Petite –
4. Freak ‘N’ You – Matmos – FatCat Records –
5. Sluggin Fer Jesus – Cabaret Voltaire – Normal –
6. Darkware – Cloaks – Werk Discs –
7. Spaceape – Kode9 & SpaceApe – Hyperdub
8. Floods v3.1 – The Black Dog (The Bass Soldier Rework) – Soma

You Are Strange Mix 1 is still available here

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Well another month’s rolled by and we’re down to finishing the last three tracks on the album, along with a touch of mastering.

After testing out over 60 different track configs on CDR we have finally selected the 15 tracks for the album, we haven’t added any bolts just yet. We reckon another 3 weeks and we’ll be done but we’ve said that before.

Here’s another URS mix we’ve made, this one helped us get out of the habit of mixing one track into another smoothly, great if your a DJ but not always the best way to program an album and a tricky habit to get out of.