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The Black Dog – 30/03/13 – Paris



23:30 – 06:00

The Black Dog – Arranging & Processing Bleep. 01


We’ve always been in two minds about doing this because as much as we like the past we love the future more.

However these are a few of our private edits of early Bleep & Bass tracks we made for our own pleasure. We’ve been dropping them in sets because they still make us dance and this is how Return Ov Bleep came about.

1. Autechre – Eutow – Warp
2. Forgemasters – Track With No Name – Warp
3. The Black Dog – Bleep One – Dust Science
4. LFO – Push – Warp
5. Phoenecia – Y-Intercpnkt – Warp
6. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco – Warp
7. Move D – Rain Shine – Warp
8. Sympletic – Ace Space _ Warp
9. The Black Dog – Bleep Four – Dust Science
10. Sweet Exorcist – Testonetwothree – Warp
11. LFO – Tied Up – Warp

Darkhuas Vol 1 – Pre-Order Now

unterton04Pre-orders for the Darkhaus Vol 1 EP are now available at

On the fourth Unterton release The Black Dog present a new sound somewhere between House and Techno that The Black Dog call Darkhaus. The original version of “Council Flat Emptiness” is an infectious, futuristic, disco-tinged version of a progressive dancefloor workout bathed in strings, mellow melancholia and heavy bass. This is preceeded by a straight to the point stripped down version that multiplies the hypnotic elements of the original.

On the B-side a 9-minute-30-something Remix from Luke Slater’s L.B.Dub Corp project drives the original into classic Slater territory where Techno and Groove marry and electrify each other.

Details at Unterton:
Pre-Order Now: