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The Black Dog – Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 01


The Black Dog’s “Sound of Sheffield” is the first of four EP’s aimed straight at the dance floor, using the sounds of the city to echo Sheffield’s heritage in creating electronic music. These tracks have been fully road tested, built to bring people to the front and forcing them to lose it with abandonment.

Celebrating 25 years of existence, The Black Dog have never lost sight of the dance floor and the pleasure of just being somewhere different entertaining an enthusiastic crowd. After all these years they still take great enjoyment from doing this. In this world of increasing individual invasion, it’s even more crucial to appreciate this space that we still seemingly have to ourselves.

Here’s to the next 25 years

Radio Dogma #06


Some great picks in this show and loads of people you should check out, couple of great tracks from this months featured artist Beneath and an absolute classic from Neu and we finish with Scott Walker, what’s not to like! Enjoy the Dogma.

Radio Dogma #06
Featured Artist: Beneath

1. Happa – Hallucinations – CDr
2. Beneath – One Blings – Pan
3. Esteban Adame – Home Sick – EPM
4. Feathered Sun – Keep It Warm – Platon Records
5. Objekt – Balloons – Power Vacuum
6. Beneath – Occupy – Pan
7. Neu – Hallogallo – Virgin
8. Zoë Blade – Cytgord Hardd – Soundcloud
9. PAS – Riot In Silo 12 – Mote Evolver
10. Dave Tarrida – Tan.Zen – Autofake
11. Cebec – CME Receptors – Soundcloud
12. Scott Walker – Tilt – Virgin

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New Interview With RBMA


Listen to us bang on about Sheffield, the music and living here:

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Radio Dogma #05


We’ve got all our latest picks of the new release, tracks from Souncloud and of course our classic track.

Radio Dogma #05
Featured Artist: Squarehead

1. Dusky – 9T8 – School Records
2. Squarehead – Parrish – Shabby Doll Records
3. Erika – Early Warning Starfield (Donato Dozzy Remix) – Interdimensional Transmissions
4. Monolith – Near Crash – Sonic Groove
5. Squarehead – WRK – Shabby Doll Records
6. Clay Wilson – E4 – The Bunker New York
7. Bleaching Agent – Akplenc – Resin
8. Taras Van De Voorde & David Vunk – Need You Tonight (Alden Tyrell Remix) – Moustache Records
9. Alien Rain – Alienated 4B – Alien Rain
10. Kerr Knoll – Lost In Space – Soundcloud
11. Eyal Lazimi – Figures All Around Us – Soundcloud
12. Radiophonic Workshop – Dr. Who – BBC

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