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Save The Birds – Video

A new audio visual project produced in collaboration with Shaun Bloodworth for Sheffield’s Festival Of The Mind.

Full details of the project along with the original soundtrack can be found at:

[dustv049] The Black Dog – Exhibit 1 & 2

The-Black-Dog Exhibit

Recording, Mixed and Treated for two exhibitions at Sheffield’s Festival Of The Mind.

Parts 1 and 1.1 are for unique audio-visual exhibition that recreates the dawn chorus that we did with photographer Shaun Bloodworth. The video will be released shortly.

Parts 2 and 2.1 are perfect loops used on a speaker system as people walking through the gallery.

Have you noticed we don’t hear the dawn chorus anymore? Techno legends The Black Dog have recreated it, using recordings of birds, with visuals by Shaun Bloodworth. The science behind the exhibition, supplied by bird expert Professor Tim Birkhead, is disturbing: Britain’s bird population is in decline.

Tim Birkhead is an award-winning educator, researcher and author of several books on bird behaviour. Ambient techno pioneers The Black Dog are among the defining voices of the Warp generation. World-class photographer and filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth is a prolific documenter of the international dance music scene.




Radio Dogma #21


Selections from all over the place but we know that’s what you love so strap into show 21.

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma #21 17/09/2014
Featured artist: Slackk

01. Slackk – Hesitate – Local Action
02. Objekt – Ganzfeld – Leisure System
03. Scalameriya – Ouroboros – Genesa Records
04. Nehuen – Jam1 (Deep Mix)- Classicworks
05. LA 4A – Invader – Delft
06. Estebane Adame – Rays Of Saturn (Robert Hood Remix) – Rogue Society
07. Bas Mooy – Shanks (Edit Select Remix) – Sleaze Records
08. The Black Dog – Fraction Slide – Dust Science
09. Plastikman – Gak – Minus
10. Busdriver – Colonize The Moon – Big Dada
11. Call Super – Coney Storm Drain – Houndstooth
12. Seph – SND3 – Aula Magna Records
13. FaltyDL – GA2 Tape outcomez130583 – Ninja Tunes
14. Slackk – Crafty Tiger – Local Action
15. Praezisa Rapid 3000 – Dial 911 – Doumen

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Barry Cant Arf Weld

A short film by Shaun Bloodworth about large scale forging of special steels at Firth Rixson in Sheffield, for which we provided the soundtrack. Part of the Steel Stories project in collaboration with Arts and Humanities, The University of Sheffield.