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The Black Dog Live Pictures

While we’d be the first to admit that we aren’t that keen on having our photo’s taken, why anyone would want to look at us rather than dance to the music is beyond us but here’s some live photo’s from some of the gigs we’ve done so far.

tBd Live In Glasgow

Video Made By A Fan

Found this on Youtube, looks like good fun 🙂

Digital Dog

It’s a real shame that people are moving away from vinyl and CD’s but hey techno is all about the future, so with that in mind you can check all our tracks on a digital feed from Beatport or you can try a few of the links below for other suppliers.

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Get all the latest Black Dog tracks from your favourite digital supplier:

Dog Squad Forum

Dogma BadgeWhile we build the new site you can still access the forum here:
DogSquad Forum

The Black Dog – Distant Lands

The Black Dog – Sudden Intake (Orlando Voorn Remix)

Check out the video we worked on with Hazel Baird from Your Mother Ate My Dog. It took over a week to render and the final file was 7gig!!!!!