September tBd Update

NowhereWe’ve no idea what the sun is doing out in Sheffield in September but it’s most welcome. August was a strange one for us and was sealed off with the gig a Connect. We had a great time and it’s always good to catch up with the Soma crew and we finally got to meet our friends from the Rubens, always good to put a face to a email address – Wotcha Mark/Gordon 🙂 If you haven’t checked out the Rubens yet Click Here.

The gig went well but we felt it could have gone better on some of the newer stuff we dropped, it’s always this way when you start to play out your new tracks, all the what “ifs” and there’s no harder crowd than a festival crowd to do in front of – why we do it to ourselves I’ve no idea but it seems to be our way these days – It always more interesting to push yourself than take the easy way out. We chilled out with Nathan Fake before heading back to lovely grey Sheffield.

We’ve finally completed the remix for the Vector Lovers track Hush over the weekend, so that’s winging its way to be mastered at the moment – as soon as we have the release details we’ll put them up.

Work continues on the album and it looks like we may just hit our target and deliver it on time, which will be a first for us!!!! As mentioned somewhere else on the blog, the 12″ version of Floods is sat waiting to go – anyway back to it, see you in Manchester or Dublin if you can make it.